Video Training Course

WHY You And Your Clients Get Stuck (And What To Do About It…Fast!)

A 3-part Series Featuring Webinar Recordings, Videos,
Slide Shows and Bonus Materials


Like most coaches, has the following thought crossed your mind?

“If I just work harder or learn the right things, I will break through to the next level.”

But even with all the right business strategies in place, you can still get stuck when it comes to taking powerful, life-changing action.


Extraordinary success for yourself and your clients lies in knowing how to quickly resolve the hidden inner conflict blocking you from success. With clear strategies and techniques to understand your personal money and success mindsets and beliefs—and the ability to change them—you can advance your confidence and income… dramatically.


With this program youll learn:

  • The 3 most perilous coaching mistakes that will stop your clients in their tracks

  • The Moving Outcome Technique™ so you quickly break through old patterns, behaviors and beliefs that keep clients from maximizing their results in your programs

  • 3 questions that reveal the true source and impact of hidden beliefs so your clients are empowered to change

  • The nature and structure of unconscious beliefs so your clients stop resisting your suggestions and take powerful action

Get access to all of these Belief Breakthrough Method lessons for just $147. Invest in yourself today!



“Even if you have all the business and marketing systems in the world, if your underlying beliefs about money and what you deserve don’t change, then those systems will never be effective. The underlying beliefs have to be changed so that you can allow success into your life, and that’s what Terry does for you. So if you’re thinking about working with him, don’t hesitate. Run! Work with him. Do it!”

Carey Peters, Certified Holistic Health Counselor


“I thought the training would advance my personal growth, and I got that and much more. I gained a whole new and different set of incredibly effective tools for my practice. I now can motivate my clients to embrace transformation! By using the experiential processes and skills, my clients are highly invested, engaged and able to absorb the information I give them.”

Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutrition Counselor,


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