Belief Breakthrough Method™

Coach Certification Training Program

For Heart-Centered Coaches

Master The Field Of Possibility…
Be An Astonishing Coach Who
Awakens Deep Meaning & Purpose,
Wealth & Leadership

BEING a coach on this planet to serve other people by expressing your purpose and your unique gifts, you and your business must flourish. You were graced by this calling to contribute and feel heartened about realized dreams.

What every coach desires is the deep meaning and pleasure that comes from contributing fully in the world. Not having this can dishearten us and rob us of our bravery, integrity, creativity and passion. We want to add value and make a difference in the world. We want to be known.

That’s what a coaching profession is supposed to provide, isn’t it?

Perhaps though like many coaches at this stage in your business, you have worked very hard and at some level you may feel dissatisfied—you may still be timid, holding back from expressing your power, and you wonder if your clients sense it. Your coaching sometimes lacks the spontaneity, presence, and courageous magic that consistently produce WOW results. Your true juice is missing, and you know it. You want more.

Powerful Criteria at the Heart of Your Coaching Success

The truth is that the old coaching paradigm about success is keeping us stuck. At the center of our coaching programs remains this notion: People reach their dreams by following the right path and success mindset—success is determined by the degree to which you “get it right.” With this pervasive belief, we tend not to question the enormous investment we make in programs, conferences, scripts and templates to gain the latest success formulas.

Don’t get me wrong—I recognize the importance of effective business models, marketing and mindset fundamentals. But over-reliance on formulas limits our potential and at worst is reflective of what I call a negative trance: the belief that we are not enough and that more information—something out there—is the key to success.

Are you holding on to your seat? Here’s the truth.

My profound conviction is: Your business condition is the result of not expressing your uniqueness. Expressing your uniqueness and helping your clients do the same is the portal to true fulfillment and prosperity. It’s not about “getting it right” but “GETTING YOU.”

A New Model: Being Seen in the Field of Possibility

From our initial work together, personally and in the Belief Breakthrough Method Coaches’ Intensive, you have already experienced how accessing your unique perspective freed you to act powerfully. My explorations in the past year have deepened my understanding of what is required for this transformation and resulted in a body of work that I am excited to share with you!

It began when I recognized that my clients’ core appreciation of me typically sounded like this: “Thank you for seeing me and believing in me. I’ve broken through old, limiting beliefs about money and my value, and money and opportunities are now pouring in.”

I was creating a profound, transformative experience. This mysterious experience allowed my clients to wake up and quickly break out of unconscious negative trances that had made them feel as if they were not capable, deserving or “good enough.”  They were freed to access and embody their True Selves.

I offer you how to hold this space for transformation—this state of love and possibility—for yourself and your clients. It calls for specific skills, beliefs and processes, plus Presence and deep embodiment so you trust your gut and intuition and follow your heart. This is known as magic.

Being in the field of possibility ultimately results in self-trust and self-love so you act from your True Self, allowing prosperity into your life for yourself and your clients.

As the dedicated, heart-centered leader you are, I urge you to join me and an intimate group of pioneering entrepreneurs. Together we will uncover your unique way of being (while having amazing fun!)  

Surprising, Enduring Transformation for You & Your Clients

I welcome you to the second Belief Breakthrough Method™ Coach Certification. This certification training integrates and delivers my:

  • 40 years clinical and behavioral health training experience
  • Certification and clinical practice in hypnosis
  • 24 years experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming both as a Master Practitioner and world-wide NLP Trainer
  • Certification in NLP Health applications
  • 10 years post-graduate instruction in behavioral health
  • Healing study with a Peruvian shaman.

It is designed to include everything that you need to help you and your clients quickly get unstuck and take aligned actions to confidently express your—and their—unique passions and purpose in the world.

This certification training follows the success principles of your first Belief Breakthrough Method™ training: an intimate group (limited to 15 participants) in a beautiful, peaceful resort setting with individualized attention. Certification training also includes…

  • Intensive Personal Mentoring, because I believe leaders provide the sponsorship and conditions necessary for people to thrive. The art and science of Being Seen and Believed In is at the heart of this certification training. This is a one on one experience
  • Featured Deliverable Modules as stand-alone programs that will expand your income and impact your clients in heartfelt and powerful ways. To name a few:
    • Wealthy Mindset  
    • Aligning Your Head, Heart and Gut for Health
    • Healing Grief & Loss and Living Without Regret
  • And of course, Certification in the Belief Breakthrough Method™ with proven processes, tools and strategies that get results!

Belief Breakthrough Method™
Coach Certification Training Program

This Is What’s Included:

2 Live 3-day Retreats:
Creating Your Wealth-Attracting Plan with the Belief Breakthrough Method™

Your initial retreat takes place November 20, 21, 22, 2015 in Tucson, Arizona, at beautiful Loews Ventana Canyon resort. You’ll connect with an intimate group of no more than 15 people and jump-start your coaching potential and earnings by gaining the secrets to States of Possibility. You’ll also receive the 1-Day Wealthy Mindset Training: a unique module you can offer to your clients to expand your income and impact.

14 Individual Mentoring Tele-Coaching Sessions with Terry

Individual Mentoring is at the heart of this Certification Training. You will set your vision and intent so that you not only gain necessary skills, but you also gain the supreme confidence that comes from fully embodying powerful states. 

Mentoring ensures that you master the Belief Breakthrough Method™ and advance rapidly by getting detailed, expert feedback and individualized support. 

You can also use my expertise to develop your own coaching or live event programs.

14 Scheduled One-on-One 55-minute Tele-Coaching Sessions (twice a month)

7 Live 3-hour Training Calls with Terry

Master my Belief Breakthrough Method™ by gaining specific language and behavior skills and through guided exercises, Q & A and live demonstrations. You’ll learn the science behind the MAGIC of creating change for yourself and others.

Prior to each training call or webinar, you will receive supporting materials via mp3, CD or DVD with clear step-by-step instructions to prepare you for the training. These may include an Audio Recording, Video, PDF Study Guide or Hypnotic Download for you and your clients.

7 Essential Training Modules

  1. Aligning Head, Heart and Gut for Health & Healing
  2. Rebounding from Criticism AND Feedback That Heals
  3. Healing Grief & Loss and Living Without Regret
  4. Self-Esteem That Soars and Boundaries That Invite Connection
  5. Recasting Negative Trances Using Stories, Metaphors and Hypnosis
  6. Mastering Emotions—Embracing Anger and Forgiveness
  7. Language for Rapid Change

ALL the Materials

You will receive the seminar exercises, step-by-step handouts and forms you need to present programs that broaden your offers and increase your income while impacting your clients in heartfelt, powerful ways. These materials are designed to quickly get clients unstuck, create breakthroughs and inspire clients to take action.

Digital MP3 Recordings and Transcripts of Every Training Call

It’s not a problem if you can't make every call live. You’ll receive mp3s of every call.

The final retreat will occur in 2015 at a yet-to-be-determined location where you bring all the training together and Create Your Own Unique Style.

Be Certified as a Belief Breakthrough Method™ Coach

You'll have the credentials to show that you've mastered the Belief Breakthrough Method™ and the skills and self-confidence to do deep transformational work.

Participants will also receive these amazing
FREE Bonuses (Valued at $3,994):


Update Your Skills Yearly by Attending the Belief Breakthrough Method™ Coach Certification Training Kickoff, a Live 3-day Retreat (Value $2,497)


Private Facebook Group (Priceless) Deepen your learning and stay connected.


Coaching-with-the-Masters Guest Expert (Value $497)

Experience guest expert Beth Haggerty’s masterful coaching on Embodying IntimacyHow to Recapture Love, Wonder, and Pleasure Through Inspired Body Movement

This certification program is ideal for you if...

  • You want to realize your vision and purpose.
  • You are committed to coaching mastery
  • You want to break through your own money barriers.
  • You want to be a coach who creates extraordinary experiences that attract your ideal clients.
  • You want to expand your income with wealth-attracting programs that impact your clients in powerful, heartfelt ways.
  • You want to become the influential leader you are meant to be.
  • You have a commitment to accessing your own True Self and to mentoring others in accessing their True Selves.
  • You want to free yourself and your clients once and for all from the belief that others determine our value, self-worth and capabilities.
  • You want to fast track your business to the next level with 1-on-1 personalized support.
  • You are committed to creating a world where others want to belong.

Here is what’s required for certification:

  1. Attend both Live 3-day Retreats. This includes going through the seminar exercises yourself as well as having Terry train you in the delivery of the materials.
  2. Attend or listen to the 7 Live Training Calls.
  3. Complete 14 Individual Mentoring Tele-sessions with Terry.
  4. Complete and document audio recordings of two 30-minute client coaching calls.
  5. Submit a 10-15 minute video or audio of yourself delivering a module of the training to an individual or group.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Rest assured that your registration is completely risk-free because of my Money Back Guarantee.


If at the end of the first day of your small group intensive, if you sincerely feel that I did not deliver what you needed to shift your money and success mindsets to increase your income right away, just let me know, and I’ll refund your investment. It’s that simple. You have my word!

East Coast November 20, 21, 22, 2015

Receive In-Person VIP Half-Day For $497 ($3,000 Value) by Signing Up by November 1, 2015

Investment Option #1

Invest in Full for


Investment Option #2

Deposit Plus 9 Monthly Payments of $1,341


Secure my spot with a $297 one-time, non-refundable deposit. The balance of $11,430 will be processed 30 days after the deposit.


Secure my spot with a $297 one-time, non-refundable deposit and divide the rest of my investment into 9 equal payments of $1,341—the first one 30 days after the deposit and the remaining 8 in succession, 30 days apart.

Please call me with any questions at 520.237.4435 to discover if this program is right for you.